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F1 2010 Regulations

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1F1 2010 Regulations Empty F1 2010 Regulations on Thu Sep 16, 2010 5:10 pm

Rule Following

- The rules stated below must be adhered to at all times, and failure to do so will result in a disqualified result, or in extreme circumstances, a series or even a “Online Motorsports” temporary or permanent ban.
- Race organizer’s word is final, and when decisions are made they must be followed.

Championship Information

- This mini-series will run alongside the remainder of the real world 2010 season plus 3 extras, Australia, Silverstone and Belgium.
- There are two championships, drivers and teams.

Race Meeting Set-Up
- This will be set to a custom GP with qualification and a 1 lap race (I know but theres no way around this). Qualification times will be taken by the lobby host, and these times will set the race lobbies.

- This will be set to a custom GP with qualification and a 50% race.

- The weather will be set to how the realworld weather is, unless its an "extra" race where it will be set to "dynamic".
- The cars will be set to "Players Choice" and all cars equalled.

- Rules and flags - Realistic
- Tyre Wear - On
- Fuel Load - On
- Damage - Full
- Collisions - Full
- ABS - Banned
- Everything Else - Allowed

Car List Info

- Every car is available for selection, but each car is limited to 2 team drivers. Once these slots are taken, any other driver who chooses that car will be a privateer.
- If a car change is made by a driver, their lowest points meeting will be deducted from their overall points at the end of the season.
- The car preference will be as taken on the sign-up, but if a driver of the same team is in the same lobby, the teams "main" driver (as chosen by the team) may use there car, and the other driver must select a different team for that particular race. They will still score points for their chosen team.

Eligibility To Race

- You have to enter on the main website, under “F1 Championship"
- Drivers can sign up by entering their race number, gamertag, and which car they will use.

Safety Cars

- Should 3 or more be involved in a collision, the safety car may be called.
- The safety car is the person in the lead, and if called, must slow down to 60mph to allow competitors to catch-up.
- If repairs for anyone are needed, they must be allowed to pit and catch-up the back of the pack.
- When in safety card mode you can close up to the person in front of you, allowing a respectable distance, and in single file.
- Once it is clear and all the racers are caught up and in single file, the lead car can floor it whenever they like, within 2 corners of the first safety car line before the pit entrance. No overtaking can occur before passing the safety car line.
- We may allow a race restart if there are 3 cars involved in a accident on the first two corners of the first lap.

Points System (For all races)
Lobby A
1st - 25
2nd - 22
3rd - 20
4th - 18
5th - 16
6th - 14
7th - 12
8th - 10
9th - 9
10th - 8
11th - 7
12th - 6

Lobby B
13th - 10
14th - 9
15th - 8
16th - 7
17th - 6
18th - 5
19th - 4
20th - 3
21st - 2
22nd - 1

Lobby B 1st scores the same as Lobby A 8th to make that respective lobby win more desirable, and low down in A lobby less desirable. You gotta push!!

Fri 24th Sep - Singapore
Fri 1st Oct - Australia
Fri 8th Oct - Suzuka
Fri 15th Oct - Britain
Fri 22nd Oct - Korea
Fri 29th Oct - Belgium
Fri 5th Nov - Brazil
Fri 12th Nov - Abu Dhabi

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